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Summer Flowers

Few things bring more enjoyment and pleasure than watching our wild flowers grow and blossom.  They start out looking like weeds, something you would want to get rid of, yanking them from ground.  Never giving them a chance.  But their … Continue reading

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Hear them pop!

Oh I love canning! Though it is hours of work, it is so great to see the fruits (no pun intended) of ones time being saved and enjoy months later. Being able to open a jar of homemade jam in … Continue reading

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Where does time go? It’s like sand that slips through our fingers tips.  It moves so quickly. I want to get this or that done….I need to call this one or that one…then in a blink of an eye, you realize … Continue reading

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Big Move

So it has been a very long time since I posted anything.  We purchased 2 years ago a beautiful little 1890’s farm house.  Though it has been change from the beach, we love our home.  We feel safe and welcomed in the … Continue reading

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After Sandy

Almost 8 months have past since Super storm Sandy devastated so many lives and communities. our beautiful little home devastated But we are coming back! I love being outside and this spring it means even more to me.  To be … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy

So it is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Our beautiful little home was ruined by Hurricane Sandy.  We are now living with my husband’s parents, until we can go back home. Here is our story, instead of … Continue reading

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Ready for Fall

The days are still hot, but there is a slight coolness in the air the past few nights. I started planning what I will need to decorate my yard.  Hay bale, corn stalks, pumpkins…etc.  The cooler nights must trigger something … Continue reading

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