Hear them pop!

Oh I love canning!
Though it is hours of work, it is so great to see the fruits (no pun intended) of ones time being saved and enjoy months later. Being able to open a jar of homemade jam in January and have that taste whisk you back to the steaming days of summer!

We have Blackcap raspberries growing wild on our property, last summer we collected 52 cups of berries. I made some ice cream with them and knew I had to do something. So I froze them, finally I got around to making jam, just this past weekend. Why because the berry bush are starting again and need to clear the space in the freezer. LOL

Though the recipe I used is a bit sweet for me, the jam came out great!

Oh, I started saying I love canning, the best part of canning is hearing those jars pop! Knowing you did it right and the jar is sealed! It’s like music to my ears!

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