Where does time go? It’s like sand that slips through our fingers tips.  It moves so quickly. I want to get this or that done….I need to call this one or that one…then in a blink of an eye, you realize perhaps months or even years have pasted away and all the things that we wanted to do or say (just like this blog) have been pushed down the road.

I know that life is filled with work, home, bills, phone calls, appointments….so it’s inevitable that things will get pushed off (like this blog). But the beauty of it all, just like this blog, we can pick it up again.  And again. And again. LOL

I realized that as long as I am taking care of the important things in life, like loving my family and friends and letting them know I am here for them.  Letting them know how important they are to me, that is what is important.

So if the garden did get enlarged this year.  The organizing I said to myself I was going to do. The dusting doesn’t get done.  The half complete crafts and painting that lay…collecting that dust I didn’t clean. LOL oh well.

So now the fall of the year is here again and with the Holidays quickly approaching, I can say I’m sure things will be put on the back burner.  But such is life and maybe, just maybe life and my procrastinating will surprise me.  One can only hope!


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