After Sandy

Almost 8 months have past since Super storm Sandy devastated so many lives and communities.

our beautiful little home devastated

our beautiful little home devastated

But we are coming back!



Our new little tree and flowers

Our new little tree and flowers

I love being outside and this spring it means even more to me.  To be able to bring our little home back to the beauty she once had.  Though I wish we had never gone through loosing everything, I have to say I have grown because of the experience.  I appreciate what we have so much more.  I find I want and need to make our home look pretty, not just for us, but for all that pass by.  To bring a little bit of brightness into a community that continues to rebuild.

I appreciate my neighbors, that are now my friends. Watching them do the same as my husband and I, rebuilding their lives.  To watch how a community came together to help each other and is still doing so.  Putting in long hours of back breaking work for people at that moment we didn’t even know.  But as I said now we are friends.

We have a common bond now not just with each other but with all that have went through such a life changing tragedy.  When the Tornadoes devastated Kansas I found myself crying as I watched the news reports.  Talking with my neighbors they too were having the same emotions.

So we move forward, little steps back to normalcy.  Perhaps we will be better people because of it.  More compasionate, more giving, more sensitive to the needs of others and of course the needs of ourselves. So back to the point I made earlier, I appreciate the small things more now. My morning ritual of making coffee (always the first thing LOL) walking the dog, check on our plants to see what needs to be attended to. Sitting on our new deck, sipping my hot coffee, listening to the birds chirping on telephone wires overhead.  We are getting more plants and soil this weekend, life is good!

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2 Responses to After Sandy

  1. Ma♥y your lives be blessed and your home a welcoming oasis for the birds and family and friends. And may the angels watch over you and all you do. ♥

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