Ready for Fall

The days are still hot, but there is a slight coolness in the air the past few nights. I started planning what I will need to decorate my yard.  Hay bale, corn stalks, pumpkins…etc.  The cooler nights must trigger something internally that say, it’s time to start getting ready for the coming season.  I have always loved fall.  The crisp cool days, warm sweaters, and crunching leaves.  The sounds, sights and smells of autumn are intoxicating.

I remember as a child I would lay on my back in a pile of freshly raked leaves and stare up through the beautiful colored tree canopy.  Leaves slowly drifting down from the high branches to rest on my face.  I would drink in the sent and just be.  No plans, no agenda, no worries, just enjoying the moment I was in.

So now I am years away from the little girl under the tree, but still the up coming season brings all those amazing feelings and senses back as if it were yesterday.

Perhaps this year I will again lay under a tree and let the leaves fall on my face.

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