Hear them pop!

Oh I love canning!
Though it is hours of work, it is so great to see the fruits (no pun intended) of ones time being saved and enjoy months later. Being able to open a jar of homemade jam in January and have that taste whisk you back to the steaming days of summer!

We have Blackcap raspberries growing wild on our property, last summer we collected 52 cups of berries. I made some ice cream with them and knew I had to do something. So I froze them, finally I got around to making jam, just this past weekend. Why because the berry bush are starting again and need to clear the space in the freezer. LOL

Though the recipe I used is a bit sweet for me, the jam came out great!

Oh, I started saying I love canning, the best part of canning is hearing those jars pop! Knowing you did it right and the jar is sealed! It’s like music to my ears!

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Where does time go? It’s like sand that slips through our fingers tips.  It moves so quickly. I want to get this or that done….I need to call this one or that one…then in a blink of an eye, you realize perhaps months or even years have pasted away and all the things that we wanted to do or say (just like this blog) have been pushed down the road.

I know that life is filled with work, home, bills, phone calls, appointments….so it’s inevitable that things will get pushed off (like this blog). But the beauty of it all, just like this blog, we can pick it up again.  And again. And again. LOL

I realized that as long as I am taking care of the important things in life, like loving my family and friends and letting them know I am here for them.  Letting them know how important they are to me, that is what is important.

So if the garden did get enlarged this year.  The organizing I said to myself I was going to do. The dusting doesn’t get done.  The half complete crafts and painting that lay…collecting that dust I didn’t clean. LOL oh well.

So now the fall of the year is here again and with the Holidays quickly approaching, I can say I’m sure things will be put on the back burner.  But such is life and maybe, just maybe life and my procrastinating will surprise me.  One can only hope!


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Big Move

So it has been a very long time since I posted anything.  We purchased 2 years ago a beautiful little 1890’s farm house.  Though it has been change from the beach, we love our home.  We feel safe and welcomed in the small upstate NY community we moved to.  I hope to get back into the swing of things and start posting again. See you soon!

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After Sandy

Almost 8 months have past since Super storm Sandy devastated so many lives and communities.

our beautiful little home devastated

our beautiful little home devastated

But we are coming back!



Our new little tree and flowers

Our new little tree and flowers

I love being outside and this spring it means even more to me.  To be able to bring our little home back to the beauty she once had.  Though I wish we had never gone through loosing everything, I have to say I have grown because of the experience.  I appreciate what we have so much more.  I find I want and need to make our home look pretty, not just for us, but for all that pass by.  To bring a little bit of brightness into a community that continues to rebuild.

I appreciate my neighbors, that are now my friends. Watching them do the same as my husband and I, rebuilding their lives.  To watch how a community came together to help each other and is still doing so.  Putting in long hours of back breaking work for people at that moment we didn’t even know.  But as I said now we are friends.

We have a common bond now not just with each other but with all that have went through such a life changing tragedy.  When the Tornadoes devastated Kansas I found myself crying as I watched the news reports.  Talking with my neighbors they too were having the same emotions.

So we move forward, little steps back to normalcy.  Perhaps we will be better people because of it.  More compasionate, more giving, more sensitive to the needs of others and of course the needs of ourselves. So back to the point I made earlier, I appreciate the small things more now. My morning ritual of making coffee (always the first thing LOL) walking the dog, check on our plants to see what needs to be attended to. Sitting on our new deck, sipping my hot coffee, listening to the birds chirping on telephone wires overhead.  We are getting more plants and soil this weekend, life is good!

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Hurricane Sandy

So it is with a heavy heart that I write this.  Our beautiful little home was ruined by Hurricane Sandy.  We are now living with my husband’s parents, until we can go back home.

Here is our story, instead of re-writing it, I have included the link from the local paper.  Some minor thing the writer got incorrect but for the most part it is dead on!


We are trying to keep our hopes up, but I have to say there are days that is a very hard thing to do!

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Ready for Fall

The days are still hot, but there is a slight coolness in the air the past few nights. I started planning what I will need to decorate my yard.  Hay bale, corn stalks, pumpkins…etc.  The cooler nights must trigger something internally that say, it’s time to start getting ready for the coming season.  I have always loved fall.  The crisp cool days, warm sweaters, and crunching leaves.  The sounds, sights and smells of autumn are intoxicating.

I remember as a child I would lay on my back in a pile of freshly raked leaves and stare up through the beautiful colored tree canopy.  Leaves slowly drifting down from the high branches to rest on my face.  I would drink in the sent and just be.  No plans, no agenda, no worries, just enjoying the moment I was in.

So now I am years away from the little girl under the tree, but still the up coming season brings all those amazing feelings and senses back as if it were yesterday.

Perhaps this year I will again lay under a tree and let the leaves fall on my face.

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Summer Photographs

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